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The top 4 best Blackjack books

Online Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Blackjack is also the casino game where you have the highest odds of winning. For every euro you wager in blackjack, you have a 99.4% chance of winning. This means that for every hundred euros wagered, you get 99.40 back in the long run. It is true that you will lose, but compared to slots and roulette, this is still the best option when it comes to the best odds of winning. Because in the casino, there is 1 important rule, and that is that the house always wins. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't win money with Blackjack, on the contrary, if you play it right, you can chalk up some nice sums. To help you do this, and to maximise your chances of winning, reading books on Blackjack is highly recommended. That is why we have listed the top 4 best Blackjack books for you!

Sklansky talks Blackjack

For those who have immersed themselves in poker and have also read books on poker and poker strategy, they have definitely read a book by David Sklansky. This author is known for his poker books but has also written a classic when it comes to Blackjack. The book Sklansky talks Blackjack came out in the last year of the last century but has certainly stood the test of time. The book focuses mainly on the mathematical part of the game, about probability, so it is not a book that reads quickly and light-heartedly (easy to understand though). However, it is an essential part of the game; anyone who really wants to get better and understand live Blackjack better will "have to" read this book.

Blackjack Blue Book II

This book written by Fred Renzey deals with the basic strategy of Blackjack and teaches you to understand the game well. Released in 2017, this book is actually a mustread for the Blackjack beginner who wants to delve into the game. There is also a separate chapter written for players who want to delve into card counting to understand this.

The Theory of Blackjack

The Theory of Blackjack was written by Peter. A. Griffin (not to be confused with the protagonist of the animated series Family Guy). As the title suggests, this book is about the theory of blackjack. Especially about the basics of blackjack when to double down and when to split your cards. Like the first book in this top 4, this one was written in 1999, however, it is still relevant today.

Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter

Written by Avery Cardoza, this book focuses mainly on not counting cards, as the title itself suggests. Released in 2011 and sold more than 750,000 copies since then, this book definitely deserves a place in this top 4 of best blackjack books. The book explains to you a simple strategy on how best to beat the house. There is also a section in the book for online blackjack players that deals with online blackjack. By the way, the author is a professional gambler and has a bookstore in Las Vegas where they sell books on gambling and online gambling.

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