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Holiday Pumpkins

Kindly place all holiday orders a minimum of

48 hours

prior to pick up. 

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Thanksgiving order

Due to our Holiday Order System,

we will not be able to place items

on hold or take same day orders

on any holiday.

Thanksgiving Hours

Tuesday                            7am-8pm

Wednesday                     7am-8pm

Thanksgiving Day        7am-3pm

Friday                              10am-8pm

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Autumn Cupcakes

Simonas Bakery LLC

Pie Gallery

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Thanksgiving Pie Selection


   Thanksgiving Pies


~Pumpkin Pecan

~Coconut Custard


~Chocolate Pecan

~Key Lime 

Fruit Pies

~4 Fruit

~Apple (regular crust)

~Apple Lattice




~Peach                          ~Strawberry Rhubarb 

Available Sizes: 5" , 8" & 10" 

  Crumb Pies

~Apple Crumb

~Blueberry Crumb

~Cherry Crumb

~Lemon Crumb

~Peach Crumb

Available Sizes: 5", 8" & 10" 

Cream Pies

~Banana Cream Pie

~Chocolate Cream Pie

~Coconut Cream Pie

~Cannoli Cream Pie

~Boston Cream Pie

                                                                                      (in pie shell)

Available Sizes: 5" 8" & 10" 

Candy and Cookie Pies

  ~Snickers Pie

  ~Oreo Pie

  ~Peanut Butter Pie

  ~German Chocolate Pie

  ~S’mores Pie

  ~Banoffee Pie

 Available Sizes: 5" & 9"

Meringue Pies

~Lemon Meringue

~Lemon Strawberry                       Meringue

~Lime Meringue

~Pumpkin Meringue

Available Sizes: 5" 8" & 10" 

Mousse Pies

~Chocolate Mousse Pie

~Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Pudding

~Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry Pie

~Chocolate Mousse and Peanut Butter Pie

~Chocolate Hazelnut (Nutella) Mousse Pie

Available Sizes:5",  8" & 10" 

Cookie Dough Pies

 ~Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pie

 ~Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

 ~Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Pie

 ~ Oreo Cookie Dough Pie

Available Sizes: 5" & 8"

Cookie Pies

 ~Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

 ~Chocolate Chocolate Lava Cookie Pie

 ~Chocolate  Candy Cane Cookie Cake

 ~Chocolate Cookie with Vanilla Cream -Pie 

 ~ M&M/ Candy Bar Cookie Pie

 ~Nutella Almond Cookie Pie

 ~Peanut Butter Cookie Pie

 ~Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

 ~Tricolor Almond Cookie Cake   Filled with Raspberry

Available Sizes: 5",  8" & 10"